Arbor Day 2020 Urban Forestry Celebrations!

ARBOR DAY CELEBRATIONS !!                 Thursday, December 4, 2020                                 Join us from 4-6pm in the grounds as we celebrate Arbor Day with students, parents, teachers, City of Greenville officials, representatives from TREES Greenville, the School District of Greenville County and Schneider Tree Care.
Third grade students across the county, public and private, will participate in a classroom presentation of the Urban Forestry program that focuses on the value of trees in our urban communities. A contest is offered for poems, songs, essays and posters about trees. The GCGC Urban Forestry committee selects winners from each category.
First, Second, and Third place winners will be recognized at this program. Winners will receive a tree sapling to plant in their own yards as a reminder of the value of trees.

This educational event is important to our mission and to the City of Greenville as a member of Tree City, USA for the last 39  years.