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A letter from Council President Dana Thomason…..

Dear GCGC Council Members and Friends, 

What a year 2020 has been!  When this year rolled in, I just knew it was going to be a year of vision and clarity.  Now as I look back, maybe in some ways it has been but not in any way that could have been predicted.  The gardens and the Kilgore-Lewis House – what I now fondly refer to as “The Big House” – were safe places to meet, socially distance, and connect with our fellow gardeners – in a word therapeutic – and were perfectly staged for two outdoor weddings in the fall.  

In June came the changing of the guard as the new slate of officers assumed their respective roles.  The new Executive Board decided to schedule meetings but to put precautions in place. The decision was made to hold the May Garden Tour in September, the April Arbor Day in December, and to decorate the house for Christmas.  I thank each of you for your help with these events while adhering to necessary safety precautions.  

We face new challenges in 2021.  The Big House needs a new roof, there are significant leaks!  Best our research can determine is this roof is the original one put on in 1838.  If anyone has information to the contrary, please give me a call. The roof must be replaced just like the original to maintain the historical status.  A “Roof Rally” has begun and several clubs and individuals have already generously donated. This endeavor will be part of the legacy of this Council, just as our predecessors’ legacy, lead by our own Mrs. Stella Stowe, raised the funds to move, renovate and furnish the house in the 70’s.  There are plans to create a memorial plaque to acknowledge contributors as well as the construction company completing the work along with a dedication ceremony.

There will be an April fund raiser combining a yard, garage, bake goods, crafts and plant sale (so start clearing out and collecting stuff to donate), and of course, a Fall Garden Tour.  

To end, I want to thank you individually and say that more normal times are around the corner.  Until then, stay up-to-date by visiting our Council webpage, pray daily to our Lord, and stay well.