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A letter from Council President Dana Thomason…..

Dear GCGC Council Members and Friends,

Looking back on 2021 as this year comes to an end is quite exciting! We moved from Covid lockdown the first few months to wide open at the end. I, for one, am so happy to see smiles and to be able to give and get a hug! Our lovely Kilgore Lewis House has a new 100+ year roof thanks to the generosity and fundraising efforts of all of you. The dedication plaque has been delivered and sits on a granite base along the side walkway as a reminder of this milestone. With the city of Greenville, we held a very successful Arbor Day Celebration with almost 300 posters on display from the local 3rd graders. 150 trees were given away by Trees Upstate and there were educational venues and activities for the adults and children. Next year will be the Council’s 40th Arbor Day and an even bigger celebration is in the works. In October, we held our garden tour, the new Scarecrow event, 3 weddings and several other smaller events, all raising funds to support the house and grounds.

After Thanksgiving, you will be decorating for our Christmas Open House and providing docents to support the extended hours. The large room upstairs has magically been turned into a Christmas Shoppe to raise funds and visitors will be encouraged to donate to our 501(c)3. All being said, we should end this year on a solid financial footing.

But we are not in the habit of looking back because tomorrow is always filled with new and exciting opportunities. During 2022, we hope to accomplish the following:

  • Our Mathushek piano has been tuned, pro bono, by Tom Strange, Director of the Sigal Music Museum, but $2000 is required to fully restore the instrument. This 1870’s box piano is one of our most prized possessions and since tuned, can and has been played bringing music into the house.
  • The handicap ramp needs to be repaired/replaced and the plan is to use an engineered product that will provide a more permanent solution. Bill Keener will be doing the work.
  • The window treatments, especially in the dining room, need to be replaced.
  • The ceilings upstairs need to be painted to erase water damage from the old roof.
  • The large room upstairs that has been used for storage, and is now the Christmas
    Shoppe, is to be staged with circa 1800 furnishings to create a room for small meetings
    that can be used by members and rented out.

These are just a few of the upgrades planned for the house and there are several initiatives for the gardens to remedy erosion along the stream and near the Artesian well. If you have a heart for any of these projects or just need one more tax deduction for 2021, please consider making a donation to our non-profit. This is our house, our garden, our arboretum which all make our Council and group of 14 clubs totally unique. Thank you for your ongoing support. Hope to see you at the house during our Downton Abbey Style Christmas event!! Have a
wonderful Thanksgiving and a Blessed Christmas.