Event Policies & Information

The following policies are in effect for all events hosted at the Kilgore-Lewis House:


Our staff will clean the Kilgore-Lewis House before your event. Because we often have events the day preceding your event and also on the day following it, rentals and deliveries can only be made on the day of the event unless prior arrangements have been made with the GCGC.  All personal and/or rental items and decorations must be removed from the house, grounds, and garden areas upon completion of the event. Items left longer than seven (7) days will be discarded.


We suggest that your event planner or the director of your wedding visit the Kilgore-Lewis House well before the event.


Professional caterers are suggested. First-time caterers at the KLH should preview kitchen facilities several weeks in advance of the event. Food may be warmed in the kitchen, but cooking is not permitted. Food may be served from the dining room or outside. Guests may move freely throughout the first floor as they eat, but food and beverages are not allowed upstairs. All serving equipment, trash bags, paper towels, dishes, glassware, flatware and all supplies needed to prepare and serve food must be supplied by the caterer or renter and removed at the end of the event.


So that caterers and florists may set up ahead of time, the House will open:

  • Two (2) hours prior to a wedding reception.
  • Two and a half (2½) hours prior to a wedding and reception if both are to be held at Kilgore-Lewis.
  • We will also open as much as two (2) hours prior to a non-wedding event (such as a party), at the discretion of the renter.

The House will remain open an additional

  • 2 hours for a wedding only
  • 3 hours for a reception only
  • 3½ for a wedding and reception
  • number of hours determined by renter for a non-wedding event

Additional time may be arranged in advance for $75 per half hour ($150 per hour). For more information about our fees, see our event pricing information.


Alcohol may not be served inside the House but may be served on the porch or patio. If you have a bar, you must have a professional bartender. The bartender should start closing at least one hour before your guests are to leave. The bartender is responsible for leaving the bar area tidy. All garbage should be bagged and taken to the dumpster.


Furniture and decorative items in the House and on the grounds can not be moved by anyone but Kilgore-Lewis House personnel. All musical instruments are for decorative purposes only and may not be used for events.


Fireworks, sparklers, confetti, rice, artificial flower petals and/or birdseed may not be used. Bubbles or genuine flower petals are allowed outside the House.


Only battery operated candles are allowed in the House. No open flame candles are permitted in the House or on the grounds because of the danger of fire


Smoking is not permitted in the House. For the safety of your guests, no type of open flame is permitted in the house or on the grounds. If you will have smokers as guests, you must provide ashtrays for them outside.


Dancing is not permitted in the House, but our brick patio makes a nice outdoor dance floor.


The Fire Marshal limits the house to 200 people. If you rent a tent, your rental company is responsible for being sure that it complies with regulations set by the Greenville Fire Marshall.


The maximum for a seated dinner inside the House is 50 people. The renter will need to provide tables and chairs if there are more than 12 guests to a seated meal.
Outside, there is space for a seated dinner for 200+.  The renter will need to provide tables and chairs for all.


A Kilgore-Lewis Hostess will be on-site throughout your event to unlock doors, adjust heating or air conditioning, etc. Although not a server for your event, the hostess will help you and your caterer “find your way around” Kilgore-Lewis House and make every effort to help you have a delightful event. For weddings and receptions with more than 50 guests, a second staff member will be on site as well.

If you have further questions, please contact us.