Spring Garden Tour

The 2018 Spring Garden tour will be held on Friday & Saturday, May 11 & 12 from 10am to 5pm each day.   Homes on the tour:

On May 11Th & 12th the Greenville Council of Garden Clubs will sponsor “Gardening for Beauty and Wildlife Habitat,” from 10 am to 5 pm on both Friday and Saturday.  The theme this year is particularly important today where backyard habitats and gardens play a critical role in helping wildlife adapt and survive in urban communities. The tour highlights six gardens in the suburbs of Greenville and Greer area, from beautiful aquatic gardens to eclectic and artsy gardens there’s a favorite garden for everyone! Visit the gardens and experience how nature, plant life and hardscape designs offer tranquility, beauty and art form while offering wildlife a safe haven and home for survival.  Advance tickets are $22, tour-day tickets are $25.  For more information call (864) 232-3020 or visit www.kilgore-lewis.org

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4 Devereaux Court, Simpsonville    Marion & Judy Hughes

The focus and style of this lovely garden was to give visitors the feeling of strolling through a charming park watching butterflies pass at every turn.  Marion became fascinated with butterflies at an early age and created an oasis just for them.  As you meander down brick walks you will be captivated by the monuments erected throughout the garden to honor special people and events- the gazebo that Marion had built for Judy on their 30th  anniversary, the mule-driven plow that was first used by Judy’s great grandfather about 1835, or an old pair of shoes in a memorial plot dedicated to Judy’s parents who would come and work in the garden and prepare wonderful family meals.  Never to be forgotten was an old best friend who has a corner dedicated to their memory.


101 Chelsea  Lane, Greer    Andy & Karen Mitchell

From the moment you walk into this garden you are transported back to historic Charleston,  with the charm that we thought only possible in our patriotic city.  Karen and Andy have a love of the Charleston style gardens they would view through the iron gates and Dabney Peebles, Landscape Designer, was able to deliver that perfect setting.  The backyard is enclosed by a brick wall with windows that give a glimpse into the most intriguing space, complete with a private dining area set on a small circular patio.  The arbor, fountain and chairs near an enticing fireplace provide for a most relaxing setting.  Creeping fig grows on the brick walls with yews, camellias, hydrangeas, creeping jenny, boxwood; a little gem magnolia and perennials make this the perfect spot all year round.


503 Mt. Vernon Rd, Greer   Ian & Gloria Cairns

Serenity and relaxation were the overriding themes in the mind of the homeowners as they were planning their garden.  Gloria had dreamed of making her garden her sanctuary and with the assistance of her husband Ian, who is an avid cyclist at the young age of 77, they built an oasis to be envied.  A favorite feature is the charming pond complete with its twin waterfalls- a focal point surrounded by azaleas rhododendrons, hostas, ferns, begonias, coleus, new guinea and impatience for added color.  Gloria, with her vast knowledge of flowers and plants has planted a variety of flowering shrubs all around the perimeter of her home and backyard so that she has constant blooms everywhere you look.  It is no wonder this couple has been asked on occasion if they would lend their private oasis to a hopeful couple who would like to tie the knot.


120 N. Silver Beech Ln, Greer   Edward & Linda Woodward

When fully in bloom you feel like you have stepped back into Monet’s Garden!  Linda had a vision to create a space where she and her husband Edward could sit and enjoy the birds and the beauty of nature while creating a park like setting.  Transforming what was a mostly wooded backyard to an amazing landscape of a flowing Koi pond with bridges, pergola complete with a waterfall, and a beautiful gazebo.  Linda’s love of afternoon tea is made more special when friends partake of this ritual in a scenic backdrop of nature that is so lovely.  You can imagine sitting out among the flowers, along the koi pond reading a book and simply feeling nothing but peace and quiet,  Linda has always felt she is the grounds keeper to these wondrous creations and is always anxious to see what nature has in store for her.


120 Hunter Run, Greenville   Kelly Toadvine

As the garden grows so does the gardener” is a quote from our gardener!  As a master gardener, Kelly put her spin on her property which in her words had only “standard shrubs” to create her eclectic garden, so flowers were a much needed addition. Different elements were added such as a wrought iron structure with two French urns posted on either side of the front entrance, bright blue painted benches for the busy gardener to take the occasional rest from their labors, large leafy plants scattered every where you can see.  It’s not surprising you see a vintage watering can front and center among the greenery highlighted by spotlights. Yard art is a main theme in this lovely setting and Kelly has enjoyed immensely creating her setting in her meadow.


1124 Moore Road, Greenville   Bob & Kelly Miller

Vast, wooded and gurgling water are just some of the words to describe the secret garden of Bob and Kelly Miller.  When asked who is the gardener in the family Kelly proudly proclaims’ “Me, Myself, and I…with a good cup of coffee and Southern Living magazine early Saturday morning!”  The property expands to 3 acres to include a hilly running creek bed and a large pond.  Kelly is especially fond of any transferable clipping or bulb from a fellow gardener and places these throughout her own garden.  Another feature observed throughout is different styles of water displays which bring more wildlife in for them to enjoy.  Kelly invites all creatures such as Blue Heron, turtles and even hawks into her garden to live and thrive.