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       Blue Bird Trail in the Gardens!  See the new nesting boxes!                                                    

The Clarice Wilson Garden Club Bluebird Trail


Eastern Bluebird populations fell in the early twentieth century as aggressive introduced species such as European Starlings and House Sparrows made available nest holes increasingly difficult for bluebirds to hold on to. In the 1960s and 1970s establishment of bluebird trails and other nest box campaigns alleviated much of this competition, especially after people began using nest boxes designed to keep out the larger European Starling. Eastern Bluebird numbers have been recovering since.

With this in mind the Clarice Wilson Garden Club decided to help out the Eastern Bluebird population by placing nesting boxes at the Kilgore Lewis property to assist in increasing the population of Eastern Bluebirds. This also ties in with the States President Donna Donnelly’s theme of “Birds of a Feather Garden Together”.

The Clarice Wilson Garden Club members purchased the Bluebird nesting boxes and a plaque was attached to each nesting box identifying the donor of the box. Many thanks to Bill Keener and Ron Stojek who added the boxes to various stops in the garden.