Council Awards Application 2018-19

Greenville Council Awards Application 2018 – 2019


Award Name: Date:
Number of members in club:
Submitted by: Phone #:
Name of Garden Club:
(Enter name exactly as it should appear on any award received)

Please mail or deliver a hard copy of the application to the Kilgore-Lewis House by the deadline, and marked to the attention of – Dee Bradshaw.

Deadline for Council Awards is March 1, 2018.

Application form is limited to three Pages, front of pages only. This application form counts as your first page. Start your information with Question #1. No report cover or binder allowed. No plastic sheets allowed. You may remove the questions to give more space, but remember to number and answer all the questions.

Complete each topic if applicable. Use numbering as below when completing form.
1. New project: Yes______ No _______Beginning date: _________ Completion date:________
2. Brief summary and objectives of project:

3. Involvement of club members, other organizations, etc.
4. Project expenses and means of funding:
5. Continuing involvement, follow-up, maintenance:
6. Attach documentation, digital photos, or copies of letters of appreciation, newspaper or
magazine articles and/or landscape plan or drawings (need not to be professionally drawn).


 Grant Application Deadline: April 1, 2018


Date of Application:
Name of Garden Club:
Applicant (Club):
Contact: (Name of individual representing club)
Email: Phone:

New Project: Yes_____ No_____Beginning date:______Completion date:_______
Limit of 3 pages(front only)
Description of Project:
Brief description of how the funds will be used:
Brief statement of any in-kind or volunteer services:
Attach: Budget

Judging is based on the following Scale of Points:
1) Impact and scope of project 30
2) Benefits and visibility in community 30
3) Involvement and participation of club members 20
4) Collaboration with other community groups 15
5) Application form complete 5

Mail or deliver to Kilgore-Lewis House before April 1st to the attention of Dee Bradshaw.