Bride’s Guide for Wedding Photography

Guidelines for Portrait Photography at Kilgore-Lewis House

Whether your wedding will be at Kilgore-Lewis or not, it’s a perfect place to have your wedding portrait made!

If a bride-to-be has reserved Kilgore-Lewis for her wedding and/or reception, there is no charge for her to have her portrait made here during our usual business hours ( 10-2, Wednesday through Friday).

If one of “our” brides prefers to be photographed at a time when we are not normally open, the charge is $50 for 2 hours, and $25 per hour beyond that.

Brides who have other venues for their weddings and receptions often  choose Kilgore-Lewis for their portraits, simply because  it is so beautiful and easily accessible.  For them, the charge is $100 for a two hour session during our regular hours and $50 per hour beyond that.  At other times, they are charged $150 for the first 2 hours and $75 per hour beyond that.

In all cases, the House will be open and a staff member on site, our Bride’s Dressing Room will be available for the bride to change into her dress (and out of it later, of course!), and photos may be made inside the House, in the gardens or on the front lawn.

Reservations for portrait sessions must be made in advance.  You may telephone 864.232.3020 during our House hours or e-mail to make a reservation.  We will accept payment (cash or check after hours; cash, check, VISA or MasterCard when the House is open) at the time of the photo session.

Kilgore-Lewis House is located at 560 North Academy Street in Greenville, SC
Telephone: 864.232.3020